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Solana’s User Base Skyrockets


Solana’s user base has surged past 30 million monthly active addresses, reflecting significant growth and adoption. This milestone coincides with a proposal by 3iQ to launch North America’s first Solana-based ETF on the Toronto Stock Exchange, potentially enhancing Solana’s visibility and appeal.

Solana’s User Base Skyrockets, Surpasses 30 Million Mark

Record Growth for Solana

Solana, a high-performance blockchain, has seen its user base skyrocket to over 30 million monthly active addresses. This significant growth highlights the increasing adoption and usage of the platform, driven by its scalability and speed.

ETF Proposal Boosts Confidence

The surge in user numbers aligns with digital asset manager 3iQ’s proposal to launch North America’s first Solana-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The proposed ETF aims to provide institutional and retail investors easier access to Solana, potentially driving further adoption.

Why This Is Important

The rapid growth in Solana’s user base and the proposed ETF indicate strong confidence in the platform’s future. This momentum can lead to increased network activity, higher transaction volumes, and more innovative projects building on Solana.

Possible Implications

Market Position: Solana’s rising user base strengthens its position as a leading blockchain, competing with established platforms like Ethereum.

Investment Opportunities: The proposed Solana ETF could attract more investors, enhancing liquidity and market depth.

Technological Innovation: Increased adoption can spur more development and innovation within the Solana ecosystem, driving new use cases and applications.

Coins to Follow

Solana (SOL): The primary asset of the Solana blockchain, its price and market dynamics will be influenced by the user base growth and ETF launch.

Ethereum (ETH): As a leading competitor, Ethereum’s response to Solana’s growth can provide insights into the evolving blockchain landscape.

Polygon (MATIC): Known for its scalability solutions, Polygon’s developments can impact the competitive positioning of scalable blockchains like Solana.

Avalanche (AVAX): Another high-performance blockchain, Avalanche’s performance and adoption trends offer additional context to Solana’s growth.

What to Follow

ETF Approval: Track the progress of 3iQ’s Solana ETF proposal and its reception by regulatory authorities and investors.

User Engagement: Monitor Solana’s monthly active addresses and transaction volumes to gauge ongoing adoption.

Development Activity: Keep an eye on new projects and partnerships within the Solana ecosystem, indicating continued innovation.


Solana’s achievement of surpassing 30 million monthly active addresses marks a significant milestone in its growth trajectory. Coupled with the proposed Solana ETF, these developments underscore the platform’s increasing prominence in the blockchain industry, suggesting a bright future for further adoption and innovation.

Source: CryptoCrunchApp

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