Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Space Exploration

LCA to Launch LunarNet, Moon-Based Internet Service by 2030

this ambitious project aims to provide unparalleled, high-speed internet access to remote and underserved areas around the globe, utilizing a network of satellites orbiting the moon.

New Study Finds Psychedelic Mushrooms Can Boost Space Travel Endurance

psychedelic mushrooms may significantly enhance astronauts' psychological resilience during long-duration space travel

Innovative Surgical Robot, MIRA, to Perform Simulation in Space

How can MIRA's technology be adapted to improve surgical access in remote and underserved regions on Earth?

Russia and China Collaborate on Nuclear Power Plant on the Moon by 2035

Unlike solar panels, which are limited by the moon's two-week-long night, a nuclear power plant could provide continuous electricity, making long-term settlement feasible

Mars Wet Past: A Cradle for the Origins of Life

How does the potential for life on ancient Mars influence our search for extraterrestrial life in the universe?

NASA Wants Astronauts for Moon and Mars Missions

NASA announces astronaut recruitment for missions to the moon and potentially Mars, setting an April 2, 2024, deadline for applications from qualified U.S. citizens.

China Hosts the Launch of SESRI: The World’s Largest Space Environment Simulator

What role can ground-based simulators like SESRI play in preparing humanity for long-duration space missions, including Mars colonization?

Voyager 1’s Cryptic Messages: A Deep-Space Puzzle for NASA

This issue has alarmed NASA, who describe the problem as akin to the spacecraft having a "stroke" that affects its communication abilities.

Japan to Launch World’s First Wooden Satellite to Combat Space Pollution

How might the use of biodegradable materials like wood transform the future of satellite technology?

A Stunning Glitch: Japan’s Moon Lander Ends Up Upside Down

Discover the story behind Japan's SLIM moon lander's unexpected upside-down landing, showcasing the challenges and precision of lunar exploration.

The Final Frontier: What Happens to a Dead Body in Space?

Discover what happens to a dead body in space, from vaporization of bodily fluids to potential mummification, and the implications for space exploration ethics.