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Konami Introduces Avalanche-Based NFT Platform


‘Metal Gear Solid’ Game Maker Konami Launching Avalanche NFT Platform: Konami, the developer behind Metal Gear Solid, is launching an NFT platform called Resella on the Avalanche blockchain, aiming to integrate blockchain technology into games and other applications without the need for external crypto wallets or handling cryptocurrency.

Gaming Giant Ventures into NFTs with Avalanche

Konami Digital Entertainment, renowned for popular franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania, has announced the launch of its NFT platform, Resella, on the Avalanche blockchain. This move aims to facilitate the integration of blockchain technology and NFTs into games and various applications, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

A User-Friendly Approach

Resella is designed to eliminate the need for external crypto wallets or handling cryptocurrency, simplifying the process for users. Transactions on the platform will be conducted in Japanese yen for domestic users, with plans to accommodate global users in the future. Notably, Resella will not charge users gas fees for transactions, leveraging Avalanche’s technology to provide a cost-effective solution.

Why This Is Important

Konami’s entry into the NFT space signifies a significant step in the adoption of blockchain technology by major gaming companies. It highlights the growing interest in leveraging NFTs to enhance digital experiences and create new revenue streams within the gaming industry.

Possible Implications

Market Growth: Konami’s move could inspire other gaming giants to explore blockchain technology and NFTs, potentially accelerating market growth and innovation in the sector.

User Engagement: By integrating NFTs into games, Konami can offer unique in-game items, event tickets, and exclusive content, potentially increasing user engagement and loyalty.

Technological Adoption: Resella’s user-friendly approach could lower the barrier to entry for blockchain technology, encouraging broader adoption among gamers and developers.

Coins to Follow

Avalanche (AVAX): The blockchain platform powering Resella, Avalanche’s performance and adoption rate are crucial to the success of Konami’s NFT initiative.

Ethereum (ETH): Often used for comparison, Ethereum‘s role as a leading smart contract platform provides context for evaluating Avalanche’s capabilities.

GALA (GALA): Another gaming-focused blockchain project, Gala Games’ developments can offer insights into trends and competition within the blockchain gaming space.

Enjin Coin (ENJ): Known for its focus on blockchain-based gaming solutions, Enjin’s market movements can provide additional context for the NFT gaming sector.

What to Follow

Konami Announcements: Stay updated with Konami’s official statements and developments regarding Resella.

Market Reactions: Monitor the market’s response to Konami’s NFT platform, including any impact on Avalanche and related projects.

Industry Trends: Keep an eye on other gaming companies’ ventures into blockchain and NFTs, as these moves can influence market dynamics.


Konami’s launch of the Resella NFT platform on Avalanche marks a notable advancement in the integration of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. By simplifying the process and removing barriers for users, Konami is paving the way for broader adoption and innovation.

Source: Decrypt

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