Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Did Alexa Told a 10-Year-Old girl to Touch a Live Electrical Socket?

A concerning incident occurred when Amazon's Alexa suggested a 10-year-old girl participate in a dangerous "challenge" by touching a penny to a live electrical socket. This incident underscores significant...

Elon Musk Impersonated in Hong Kong Deepfakes Crypto Scam

Elon Musk impersonated in a Hong Kong crypto scam using deepfake technology, spotlighting the urgent need for advanced security measures against digital deception.

2024 and Beyond: Exploring Converging Technologies and Their Impact on Investment Strategies

Navigating the Evolving Investment Landscape The investment realm is undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by groundbreaking technological advancements and shifting market dynamics. As investors, staying...

Innovative Startup Launches NeuroRunner – AI-Powered Sneakers for Enhanced Athletic Performance

These futuristic shoes, named "NeuroRunners," are designed to enhance athletic performance by adapting in real-time to the wearer's running style, speed, and the terrain underfoot.

AI In Gambling: The Ethical Crossroads

The core of the debate centers on the ethical responsibilities of gambling firms and the effectiveness of AI in identifying and mitigating problem gambling behaviors.

Beware Of Morris 2, The First AI Worm

Morris 2 is capable of autonomously spreading between AI systems, such as email assistants, potentially executing cyberattacks that include data theft and spamming

The Rising Alarm Over ‘Killer Robots’: U.N. Call for Action

What are the potential consequences of a global arms race in autonomous weapons, and how might it be prevented?

Navigating Asimov’s Dilemma: The Legal Challenge of Autonomous Weapon

What ethical guidelines should govern the deployment of AI in military operations to safeguard civilian lives and ensure humane conduct?

Unmanned Maritime Futures: Robotic Ships Take to the Seas

In a transformative move for maritime transport, robotic ships are setting sail in oceans across the globe. One such vessel is being tested in...

Chinese National Charged with Theft of Google’s AI Secrets

How do cases like Ding’s affect international relations and the global competition for technological supremacy?

Claude 3: Blurring the Lines Between AI and Human Cognitive Abilities

This latest iteration claims to surpass OpenAI's GPT-4 in performance on several AI benchmarks, sparking discussions about the potential and limitations of current AI technologies.