Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Ukraine To Develop Low-Cost Robots Army to Fight Russia

Amidst the ongoing conflict, Ukrainian startups are leveraging innovation to create low-cost robots army designed to combat Russian forces, providing a strategic edge through technological advancement. Robots Army and Ukraine's...

Is China Secretly Making Suicide Drones for Russia?

Reports suggest that Chinese and Russian companies might be collaborating to produce suicide drones similar to Iran’s Shahed series for use in Ukraine. This...

Israel Develops ‘BlueWhale’ Unmanned Submarine Against Iran

Israel is developing an unmanned submarine, the BlueWhale, to counter Iran's maritime activities. This advanced submersible, equipped with state-of-the-art intelligence and detection systems, aims...

Gold for Drones: Massive Leak Shows Russia-Iran Gold Connections

A leak has revealed that Iran has been supplying Russia with Shahed 136 drones for $200,000 each, paid in gold bullion. These drones have...

Russia’s Creative Methods to Intercept Suicide Drones

Russia is developing innovative solutions to intercept suicide drones, including using their own drones to counter these threats. This strategy reflects lessons learned from...

Beware Of Morris 2, The First AI Worm

Morris 2 is capable of autonomously spreading between AI systems, such as email assistants, potentially executing cyberattacks that include data theft and spamming

The Rising Alarm Over ‘Killer Robots’: U.N. Call for Action

What are the potential consequences of a global arms race in autonomous weapons, and how might it be prevented?

Navigating Asimov’s Dilemma: The Legal Challenge of Autonomous Weapon

What ethical guidelines should govern the deployment of AI in military operations to safeguard civilian lives and ensure humane conduct?

Chinese Scientists Enhance Electronic Warfare with Diamond-Based Microwave Weapons

Discover how Chinese scientists have leveraged diamonds to develop a powerful microwave chip, significantly enhancing electronic warfare capabilities with a 30% increase in power density.