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Ethereum Staking Race: A Third of ETH Now Staked


Ethereum’s staking activity has surged, with 33.9% of ETH now staked. The Beacon Deposit Contract has locked in 47.36 million ETH, more than triple the amount from two years ago. Despite this, network activity and NFT trades on Ethereum have declined, indicating mixed sentiment in the ecosystem.

Ethereum Staking Surge: 33.9% of ETH Now Staked

Significant Increase in Staking Activity

Ethereum has seen a notable increase in staking interest, with the ETH2 Beacon Deposit Contract now holding 47.36 million ETH. This represents 33.9% of the total Ethereum supply, showcasing a significant rise from 10.9% staked two years ago. This surge indicates growing confidence in Ethereum 2.0 and its potential to revolutionize the blockchain.

Impact on Supply and Price

With a substantial portion of ETH locked in staking, the circulating supply decreases, which can create upward pressure on prices due to supply and demand dynamics. Additionally, staked ETH is locked for a period, reducing short-term selling pressure and potentially stabilizing prices during market volatility.

Decline in Network Activity

Despite the staking surge, overall activity on the Ethereum network has declined. Data from Santiment reveals a significant drop in active addresses and NFT trades over the past month. This suggests that while staking interest is high, fewer people are using the network for other purposes, potentially due to high gas fees or a lack of new applications.

At the time of reporting, ETH was trading at $3,087, up 10.91% since July 10th. Despite the price increase, the overall trend for ETH remains bearish. The decrease in network growth and trading velocity indicates a cautious market sentiment, with investors potentially wary of current market conditions.

Technological and Economic Factors

The mixed reactions within the Ethereum ecosystem highlight the impact of various factors, including technological challenges and broader economic conditions. High gas fees and a lack of new, compelling applications may deter broader network use, even as staking activity remains robust.

Community and Developer Sentiment

The Ethereum community and developers are closely watching these trends. While staking indicates strong support for Ethereum 2.0, the decline in network usage suggests areas that need addressing to maintain Ethereum’s leadership in the blockchain space.

Why This Is Important

The significant increase in Ethereum staking reflects confidence in the network’s future and its evolving technology. However, the decline in other network activities highlights challenges that need to be addressed to sustain long-term growth and adoption.

Possible Implications

Price Stability: Increased staking can reduce volatility by decreasing the circulating supply of ETH.

Network Health: Declining activity might signal underlying issues such as high transaction costs or market saturation.

Future Developments: Monitoring how the Ethereum community addresses these challenges will be crucial for its ongoing success.

Coins to Follow

Ethereum (ETH): Central to the current trends, ETH’s performance will provide insights into the broader market.

Bitcoin (BTC): As the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s market trends can influence overall sentiment.

Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA): Competing blockchain platforms that may benefit from Ethereum’s challenges.

What to Follow

Network Updates: Keep an eye on technological upgrades and developments within the Ethereum network.

Market Reactions: Observe how the market responds to the changes in staking and network activity.

Community Feedback: Pay attention to the Ethereum community’s response to these trends and their proposed solutions.


The increase in Ethereum staking highlights strong support for Ethereum 2.0 but also brings to light challenges within the network. Addressing these issues will be key to maintaining Ethereum’s dominance and ensuring long-term growth.

Source: AMBCrypto

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