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Bitcoin Mining Health Crisis in Texas Town


In Granbury, Texas, residents are experiencing severe health issues allegedly linked to the noise pollution from a nearby Bitcoin mining facility. The community is facing symptoms such as migraines, vertigo, hypertension, and hearing loss. Despite attempts to mitigate the noise, the facility continues to operate, leading to ongoing health and environmental concerns.

Bitcoin Mining Health Crisis in Granbury, Texas

Residents Suffer from Severe Health Issues

Article Source: Time

In Granbury, Texas, the arrival of a Bitcoin mining facility has coincided with a range of severe health problems among local residents. Sarah Rosenkranz, a 43-year-old small business owner, collapsed with hypertensive crisis and severe migraines, while her 5-year-old daughter Indigo experienced debilitating ear pain. These cases are not isolated; many in the community report similar ailments including heart palpitations, chest pain, vertigo, and tinnitus.

The Source of the Noise

The noise pollution is traced back to Marathon Digital Holdings’ Bitcoin mining facility, which exceeds legal noise ordinances. The constant hum and roar from the facility’s cooling fans have disrupted the lives of Granbury residents, causing physical and mental health issues. Local law enforcement has confirmed the noise levels are significantly above acceptable limits, leading to community-wide distress.

Medical Community’s Response

Local doctors have noticed an uptick in patients with symptoms potentially linked to noise pollution. ENT specialist Dr. Salim Bhaloo and cardiologist Dr. Stephen Krzeminski both attribute various health issues to the Bitcoin mine’s operations. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to noise pollution can lead to cardiovascular damage, supporting the doctors’ observations.

Industry and Regulatory Challenges

Not all data centers produce such noise, and industry insiders suggest that replacing loud air fans with quieter liquid-based cooling solutions could mitigate the problem. Marathon Digital Holdings has promised to implement immersion cooling by the end of 2024 to address the noise issues. However, these solutions are expensive and untested on a large scale, raising doubts about their effectiveness and feasibility.

Environmental Impact

The noise pollution not only affects human health but also has detrimental effects on animals and wildlife. Local pets have developed anxiety and health issues, and even vegetation has been impacted, with trees dying suddenly. This broad impact underscores the urgent need for effective solutions.

Residents are exploring legal and political avenues to combat the noise pollution. Constable John Shirley has been documenting noise violations and issuing fines, though these efforts are hampered by inadequate state laws and the financial power of the mining company. The community has also sought support from nonprofit organizations and local representatives to push for stricter regulations.

Why This Is Important

This situation highlights the broader implications of unregulated Bitcoin mining operations in residential areas. It underscores the need for stringent regulations and advanced technological solutions to mitigate the adverse effects on health and the environment.

Possible Implications

Health Regulations: Increased focus on health regulations concerning noise pollution from industrial operations.

Technological Innovations: Development and adoption of quieter cooling technologies in data centers and mining facilities.

Community Action: Greater community involvement in advocating for stricter environmental and health protections.

Coins to Follow

Bitcoin (BTC): Central to the mining operations causing the issue, monitoring BTC developments can provide insights into industry trends.

Ethereum (ETH): Often considered an alternative to Bitcoin, Ethereum’s market behavior is also relevant.

Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA): These altcoins may be impacted by broader industry regulations and technological advancements.

What to Follow

Regulatory Developments: Keep an eye on new regulations and policies aimed at controlling noise pollution from Bitcoin mining.

Technological Advances: Monitor advancements in cooling technologies that could mitigate the noise issue.

Community Efforts: Follow the efforts of Granbury residents and similar communities in addressing industrial noise pollution.


The health crisis in Granbury, Texas, caused by Bitcoin mining noise pollution highlights the urgent need for regulatory and technological solutions. As Bitcoin mining continues to expand, addressing these environmental and health concerns will be crucial for the industry’s sustainable growth.

Source: Time

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