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3iQ’s Move to Launch Solana ETP in Canada

3iQ's Move to Launch Solana ETP

3iQ, a prominent digital asset manager, has applied to launch a Solana ETP – a Solana-based exchange-traded product (ETP) in Canada. This move aims to provide investors with easier access to Solana, reflecting the growing interest in the blockchain platform.

3iQ Applies to Launch Solana ETP in Canada

Expanding Investment Options

3iQ has submitted an application to launch North America’s first Solana-based exchange-traded product (ETP) on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This proposed ETP will offer institutional and retail investors a regulated and convenient way to gain exposure to Solana (SOL), one of the fastest-growing blockchain platforms known for its high transaction speeds and scalability.

Why This Is Important

The introduction of a Solana ETP represents a significant step in the broader adoption of cryptocurrency assets in traditional financial markets. It provides investors with a familiar investment vehicle, similar to traditional ETFs, but focused on Solana, thus broadening the range of digital assets available in the mainstream financial ecosystem.

Possible Implications

Increased Adoption: The ETP can drive greater adoption of Solana by making it accessible to a wider range of investors who may be hesitant to engage directly with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Market Liquidity: Enhanced liquidity for Solana as more institutional and retail investors gain access through the ETP.

Regulatory Impact: The approval and success of this ETP could pave the way for similar products, potentially leading to a more regulated and structured environment for cryptocurrency investments.

Coins to Follow

Solana (SOL): The primary focus of the ETP, monitoring its market performance will provide insights into investor sentiment and adoption rates.

Ethereum (ETH): Often compared with Solana, Ethereum’s market performance can offer additional context for Solana’s growth and adoption.

Bitcoin (BTC): As a benchmark for the entire cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin’s price movements can influence broader market trends, including Solana.

Cardano (ADA): Another high-performance blockchain, Cardano’s developments and adoption can provide comparative insights into Solana’s market positioning.

What to Follow

Regulatory Approvals: Keep track of the progress and approval status of 3iQ’s ETP application with Canadian regulators.

Market Reactions: Observe how the market and potential investors respond to the introduction of the Solana ETP.

Institutional Moves: Monitor any subsequent moves by other digital asset managers to launch similar products, as this could indicate a growing trend.


3iQ’s application to launch a Solana-based ETP in Canada marks a significant development in the cryptocurrency investment landscape. By providing regulated and accessible exposure to Solana, this initiative has the potential to drive further adoption and integration of digital assets in traditional financial markets.

Source: The Block



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